Questions for Teresa Heinz.

How much did Ken Lay donate to the Heinz Center in his tenure as a trustee?

When exactly did Mr. Lay leave the board of the Heinz Center? What were the circumstances of his departure -- did he voluntarily resign or was he asked to leave?

Why was Lay allowed to continue as a trustee after Enron's fall when it became obvious that he had engaged in severe improprieties in his leadership of the company?

Was Ken Lay ever a guest in any of Teresa Heinz's many residences? Vice-versa?

Did Ken Lay ever advise Teresa or her foundations to sell Enron stock? What have been your holdings in Enron and other energy companies that profited from California's electricity deregulation?

The people of California have suffered excessively from utility deregulation from which Enron, Ken Lay and the other energy companies criminally profited. Energy rates have risen exorbitantly; a major portion of California's deficit is due to the costs to the state of energy deregulation; a variety of communities were faced with the construction of fast-tracked power plants for which environmental review was sidelined; the development of green energy has been hurt; people suffered power outages; and much more. Regrettably, you Teresa abetted this process through the activities of your favored environmental group EDF which in some cases advocated on behalf of Enron and in others failed to challenge the company. Do you feel you should carry out some special effort to make amends for the environmental and human costs of Enron's actions that were facilitated by your philanthrop?.