John Kerry Quotes about Teresa Heinz and Enron:

John Kerry Quotes about Teresa Heinz

"Teresa has spent so many extraordinary years as an advocate, in a very special way that's often outside of partisan politics. She brings leaders from politics or the corporate world together around issues, and the impact on peoples' lives is just extraordinary. Everywhere . . . she's touched communties and seniors, and treasures the special license she has that comes sometimes from not being a politician in the first place. When I'm President, I know she would continue that work and she has a lot to offer the country.
-- The Georgetowner, Mar. 6, 2003, 49:11, p. 24-5;

John Kerry Quotes About Enron (from Kerry's Own Campaign Website)

Enron makes it crystal clear: No worker in America should be robbed of years of labor by unconscionable personal greed. No employee should see retirement savings wiped away by arrogant executives who live by special privilege. . . . One of my colleagues compared Enron executives to the Corleone family. Well I think that's insulting to the Corleones.
Remarks of Senator John F. Kerry
to California Democratic Party State Democratic Convention
February, 16, 2002

The President calls his energy plan "balanced." And I suppose it is, if balanced means what it did for the books at Enron and WorldCom. Quite simply, if we enacted the Bush plan today, we would find ourselves more polluting and more dependent on foreign oil in 20 years than we are today.
Remarks of John Kerry, February 9, 2003
John F. Kennedy Library Forum, Boston, Massachusetts

It is time we had a President who is on the side of the many, not the few - a President with a real economic strategy to get this nation moving again. That means investing in people; it means restoring fiscal discipline, and it means that when an Enron bilks the retirement savings of ordinary investors and shatters consumer confidence, those greedy few at the top are going to go to jail.
from Remarks by Senator John Kerry to Campaign for America's Future Conference
Washington, DC Thursday, June 5, 2003

Just think - offshore tax havens and shelters enable corporations and  executives to evade an estimated $70 billion in taxes each year. How can  anyone in this country suggest we have a fair system when companies can take  $70 billion off the table? That undermines the very essence of our  government. Itís a system only companies like Enron could love. And did  they ever. Enron held over 800 subsidiaries in countries with no taxes on  income, profits, or capital gains -- 692 in the Cayman Islands alone. I  believe in opening new markets and I want American companies to win. But I  know we can distinguish between legitimate businesses and sham transactions.
Remarks of Senator John Kerry At The City Club of Cleveland
December 3, 2002